No virtual desktop

I’m running (a Java Maven project with a swing gui started by running class MainFrame). .gitpod.yml looks like this:

image: gitpod/workspace-full-vnc
  - port: 6080
    onOpen: open-preview

I can run MainFrame and the Java Process Console indicates it is running but no Virtual Desktop Preview has been opened. Where does it appear? Another tab in Chrome? Do I need the gitpod extension installed in Chrome for this to work?

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ok I ran gp url 6080 and opened the displayed link in another tab and I can see the virtual desktop but all I see is the correctly labelled frame of the application and the contents of the frame is plain yellow, that’s all (I expected to see the UI).

got it. Cancel the running process in the Java Process Console then up arrow to get the command back and insert ‘-Dsun.java2d.xrender=false’ in the command and run it. Then the content shows fine. Seems to be related to the expected number of bits for colour rendering.