No Open Preview icon for HTML files?


I have just started using Gitpod and I cannot see Open Preview icon for HTML files. I am using Chrome web browser with the current version of Gitpod - Dev Environments in a Browser Tab and VS Code as the default IDE.

I can see Open Preview icon for file but it is missing for HTML file:

Am I missing something? Can you please advise?

Hi @mamesuke,

As you point out in the associated issue, this was added to eclipse-theia but it is not supported by VS Code. As mentioned in that link there are plugins that might work for you.

Thanks, Robert. I have had a look at the available extensions and tried to use Browser Preview. However, I am still having problems running it. I am getting this error:

Failed to launch chrome! spawn C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe ENOENT TROUBLESHOOTING:

The extenstion is configured to use my local (=desktop) Chrome installation.

Any ideas why it is not happy?

Please have a look at this issue: [code] support live preview of local files · Issue #3831 · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub

Thank you @akosyakov. Live Server seems to work.