Next self-hosted release?

When is the next self-hosted release due?

We are eagerly awaiting the updates that allow us to use the full feature set for up to 10 users with a customer I have set up Gitpod for. We were told by Johannes that this was being worked on and would soon be released.

It’s been a while since 0.10.0 was released… so I am hoping the next one is just around the corner :wink:

It is overdue! There’s a couple things happening behind the scenes. Currently is a seperate deployment of gitpod-io/gitpod and we are working to unify it so that is the same deployment/installation mechanism as Gitpod Self-Hosted. We are re-visiting the topic of an installer at the moment.

We are likely to cut a release after is done but wouldn’t it be nice to not have to wait for us to cut a release? I’ve been pondering about enabling and encouraging scenarios where people follow/able to do installations from trunk or weekly snapshots.

Come join the discussions at in the #self-hosted channel.


Any movemement on this?

I don’t see much happening with the issue that is holding back the release…

Guys - I understand that you are “swamped” and that lots of new things are happening… but it has been a very long time since the last release.

We are really stuck in a limbo with issues from 0.10.0, like not being able to run Docker in Gitpod properly without various errors.

Any chance of a commitment for a release date so that we are jnot spending unnecessary time checking up on this all the time?

I would like to join the waiting list. We would like to role out this feature to our developers and buy a license.

I would like to express my interest in the next release as well. Especially because of the desktop IDE flow.

Any news on a release date or indication?

tl;dr - there’s no 0.11.0 release, we’ve moved over to the Installer - use that to get the latest and greatest version of Gitpod for self-hosted.

For a longer explanation and reasoning, please see this pinned issue

Sounds great. I’m just giving the installer a try.

Can installer validate cluster check a specific namespace?

What would you like to check exactly? The only useful one I can think of is the existence of the namespace, which it doesn’t do (I’m going to add a ticket for that though)

Is there anything else that would be worthwhile?

Oooh while writing this response I found my mistake. I though the installer checks for https secrets which I have already installed in a namespace. But I checks the cert-manager. Ok, no need for namespace support :slight_smile:

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I have created a ticket for it nevertheless as it does make sense for it. Granted, it’s not high priority, but it will become necessary at some point.

It’ll be a nice PR to do on a Friday afternoon

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Maybe one further idea for improvement:
I just set up gitpod with the installer and lost ssh access to my vm. the proxy configured with the installer opened port 22 on the host machine.
Coming from v.0.10.0 and helm charts, this is new for me and was a quiet hard solve issue. Maybe the installer could inform the user when opening such ports on the host.

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@iQQBot this seems to be related to the SSH Gateway in gitpod/deployment.go at main · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub

Do we need to expose the port if we’re not configuring the SSH Gateway?

this seems to be related to the SSH Gateway
Yes, it related, but here just a container port, not host port expect your manual add hostPort

Do we need to expose the port if we’re not configuring the SSH Gateway?
Don’t need, will create a PR for this later

I’ve raised an issue on this topic