Next self-hosted release?

When is the next self-hosted release due?

We are eagerly awaiting the updates that allow us to use the full feature set for up to 10 users with a customer I have set up Gitpod for. We were told by Johannes that this was being worked on and would soon be released.

It’s been a while since 0.10.0 was released… so I am hoping the next one is just around the corner :wink:

It is overdue! There’s a couple things happening behind the scenes. Currently is a seperate deployment of gitpod-io/gitpod and we are working to unify it so that is the same deployment/installation mechanism as Gitpod Self-Hosted. We are re-visiting the topic of an installer at the moment.

We are likely to cut a release after is done but wouldn’t it be nice to not have to wait for us to cut a release? I’ve been pondering about enabling and encouraging scenarios where people follow/able to do installations from trunk or weekly snapshots.

Come join the discussions at in the #self-hosted channel.

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