New UI with VS Code by default

New UI (and Visual Studio Code as IDE by default) spreaded to me is so nice! :blush: :clap: :clap: :clap:

There is no room to say thanks, I am posting this here :pray:


Question 1. How can we see which workspace(s) are pinned? In the previous UI, we could see it with an icon in the pinned workspace.

Hey @tnir! Thanks for the feedback! You can also send any thoughts or suggestions in the feedback issue but here also works! :heart:

How can we see which workspace(s) are pinned?

Regarding the pinned workspaces, we did consider adding a dropdown filter for Pinned workspaces (besides Active and All) but dropped the idea in this milestone since a) the pinning functionality goes against against the notion of the ephemeral workspaces and b) you can still browse the Pinned workspaces through the All workspaces list.

However, we could certainly consider adding this filter back if this feels needed. :thought_balloon:

UPDATE: We currently combine pinned and running workspaces under the Active filter so you should be able to see all the pinned workspaces in there. You can also see and toggle the pinned status from the more actions dropdown.