New Project - Repository not Found

When creating a new project the repository I’m looking for doesn’t come up. It appears my organization has “too many” repositories, since only those starting with letters a-i show up.

Hey @jaredraycoleman! Welcome to our community :orange_heart:

To help me understand what exactly you mean, can you share some screenshots with us? It sounds like a bug, but I want to make sure.

Also, when you go on a repo that doesn’t show up on the list and try to open it in Gitpod, does that work? I.e. can you prefix the repo with or click “open in Gitpod” if you have the extension downloaded. Relevant docs here.

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Hey Pauline,

I just checked this morning and it seems I’m not running into this issue anymore. Maybe it was fixed or maybe I was just doing something wrong.

Just for reference, though, this was only an issue in the new “projects” area. I never had an issue just opening the repo (through the gitpod interface or by prefixing the repo with the URL).


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