New Project - missing git provider: Bitbucket

I have connected my bitbucket account:

I can create a workspace for a bitbucket repo but I’m unable to create a project for a bitbucket repo. There are only two options available: github / gitlab.


Took a peak at the NewProject.tsx and this seems to be intentional. Maybe missing the backend code to handle a response for

I tried using my browser local overrides to remove this limitation which did allow me to see the bitbucket option.


After choosing Bitbucket - I took a look at the websocket messages:

Request to retrieve repos from returns empty.

Is this something already on your radar?

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Hey @adamlacombe! Yes, this is something definetely on our radar. :world_map:

FYI, We’re approaching the development of the dashboard using an MVC (Minimum Viable Change) approach and we plan to iteratively improve existing or add new functionalities like adding projects from

We’ve added the following issue track this feature request and gather any feedback from the community.

In the first iteration of Teams & Projects we’ve added support for adding projects from and git providers.

Feel free to also send in any feedack regarding Teams & Projects feature in the following issue:

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For others curious how to get BB projects working in Gitpod, this feature was removed from the engineering queue about 8 days prior to this comment (see the first issue, above).

So it would seem that there are no plans to integrate bb at the moment.