My First Emoji Post

Hello All!!! StarWalker here. BRAND NEW here & have never been into coding/tech whatsoever other than some live sound engineering. Anyway, here I Am as I’ve been dreaming to create My own CryptoCurrency, and via My coin, support others to Creating their own as well. I work in the holistic, plant medicines field, am seeding a new healing community and Psychedlics medicine church, creator of environments, a humble servant to the Light and the Co-Creation of a New Template on Planet Earth to regain Our Divinity, Sovereignty, and Infinite Ways to Experience Life on this Planet as Human. I believe in Redemption, the Power to the People, DE-CENTRALIZATION of ALL systems of Power including Our governments around the globe. I support True Freedom and Abundance & Our Lives have been enslaved for thousands of Years up to this very moment. Covid is a sinister part of a three part spell cast upon Humanity & Mother Eartg for the sheer capturing of Our light, Our Power, and what it means to be Human in exchange fir the seduction of trans-humanism, AI, & unhealthy dependence upon those that rule this world…the wizards behind the curtain. :kissing_heart: There’s My emoji! Feel free to reach out anytime. I’m Free. AHOaRoHa!!! :pray::crown::ok_hand::dizzy::gemini::unicorn::partying_face::mushroom:

Sounds like a whole bunch of spam that just needs to be deleted…

:joy: You sound like the kind of spam that will actually …soon…self…delete. :pray::dizzy::kissing_heart: