Multiple gitpod accounts with the same github

I have a github which I use for work (in a team/org on github) and privately (my own repos and also some teams). If I’m not mistaken, I can only add one github account to one gitpod account. Is that correct?

Hi @j-frost, welcome to the Gitpod community! :tada:

Yes, unfortunately you cannot currently connect multiple GitHub accounts to the same Gitpod account.

If this is something you feel would be useful to yourself and to others, could you please open a quick feature request in ?

Otherwise, please feel free to use multiple Gitpod accounts, if that works for you. :blush: Happy to help if you have any questions.

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So the other way around is also not possible, yes? Multiple gitpod accounts using a github that I use both privately and professionally?

Also true. A GitHub account can only be linked to one Gitpod account at a time.

In that particular case, you’d also use the same Gitpod account both privately and professionally.

But, as it happens, we’ve recently shipped a new feature called Teams & Projects. So, if your company creates a Team, and adds all your work Projects to that team, then in the Gitpod UI you’ll have a neat separation between private projects (visible when selecting your personal user account in the top-left dropdown menu) and professional projects (visible when selecting your company team in the top-left dropdown menu – all without logging out of your Gitpod account).

I hope this helps! If Gitpod does not support your workflow, please feel free to create a feature request with a description of your use case

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I think that’s probably what we need. Gonna try it out in practice now :slight_smile: