More users than your license permits

I have GITPOD Self-Hosted 0.4.0 installed on GCP Kubernetes Cluster but now it is showing below error:

We have 3 users connected and when 4th User tries to connect it shows the error with appears.

Hi @sumitrathi95!

I’m afraid this is a bug in version 0.4.0. It’s very likely that you have deleted a user a while ago, which is still counted for the usage in license :frowning:

The new Gitpod release should have this fixed.

As a workaround for version 0.4.0 you’d need to manually delete “deleted-user” entries from the database.

Hello @AlexTugarev,

I checked into database but I havent found any deleted user.

But how many are there? Just 3, or more?

There are total 7 users in database including 1 builtin workspace prober user.