Login - Sorry, something went wrong Error 500


I am using the GitHub auth, but I don’t get ‘use github auth’ as an option.

I go to https:/{mydomain}/workspaces/ and hit the blue Login button and I get the ‘Sorry, something went wrong Error 500’.

In the Browser console I see -

‘DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for https://gitpod.catface.cloud/sorry.js.map: HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE
sorry.js:6 Error: User is not authenticated. Please login.
at sorry.js:6
at sorry.js:6
at sorry.js:6
at sorry.js:63
at h (sorry.js:63)
at s (sorry.js:63)…’

My setup is -

Self Hosted on Rancher Kubernetes.
Using MetalLB for load balancer.
Lets encrypt for certs.
Certs setup for gitpod.mydomain, *.gitpod.mydomain, *.ws.gitpod.mydomain
DNS pointing to load balancer for gitpod.mydomain, *.gitpod.mydomain, *.ws.gitpod.mydomain
value.yaml with GitHub clientId and clientSecret
At GitHub, in Developer settings created an OAuth App. (With 0 users)
configuration.txt only values.yaml and values/https.yaml

Any help with this would be appreciated


More Info but I think a separate issue:

After a period of time, I get a ‘we are having difficulty talking to the server’ in the browser.
I can ping the load balancer.
I CANNOT curl to port 80/433 of the load balancer.
Inside the cluster, the gitpod ‘server-xxx’ pod seems fine, logs seem ok and updating.
Deleting the ‘server-xxx’ has no effect.
Inside the cluster, the gitpod ‘proxy-xxx’ pod seems fine, logs seem ok.
Deleting the ‘proxy-xxx’ and I can again get a web connection to /workspaces/

This might be related to the main issue. It might also be a problem with MetalLB.

I got further.

I made silly spelling mistake in the callback URL -

htt ps://gitpod.{mydomain}/auth/gitlab/callback/

rather than

ht tps://gitpod.{mydomain}/auth/github/callback/

I found this by going inside the nginx pod to see the various urls which are called and managed to put http s://gitpod.{mydomain}/github.com/ and could then see the urls which were tried in the browser and could see the callback URL.

I can now login and can select a workspace from the examples. I select ’ django-locallibrary-tutorial’ and can see a lot of docker images being pulled and verified.

However, after that I see a red gitpod and it says it cannot mount Theia.
‘cannot mount Theia; last backup failed: cannot connect to ws-sync: cannot connect to workspace sync’

Investigation continues…

Your set-up is quite similar to mine (self-hosted Rancher k8s). The issue with Theia volume not being able to mount might be resolved by adding extra binds for kubelet to the cluster config - see Clean Install fails to start workspace.

Hi abesnabe,

Thanks for the response. I may have some dumb questions. I’m trying to understand what is going on.

I can see on the Nodes a /var/gitpod directory, that’s good.
What writes to this location? (It’s outside the cluster really isn’t it?)

What container is trying to mount/access this?

Do I have to rebuild my cluster to make this change? Or can I edit some K8 config somewhere? I’m still just a few months into my K8 journey.

Thanks Again!

I got it working!

In Rancher UI - Select the cluster - then ‘Edit Cluster’ - then ‘edit as Yaml’ - then under the services section add the section described in the above link, namely

    - '/var/gitpod:/var/gitpod'

After this, applying caused the cluster to take some time updating all the nodes.

Thanks again!

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