[Local Companion] customizing ssh key is coming?

I would like to use a specific ssh key when using Local Companion.
I saw there is a work done from issue 4759

If I get it right, the code waits to be deployed.
Any estimates or any way to test it before?
Is it possible to compile only Companion on my laptop to see future changes for example?

The anwser seems to be the


option you can ad at launch time.
So I guess something else is not working in my setup because I have ssh timeout.

All changes to the local app were deployed, try to download a new version.

--mock-keyring is for testing purposes to avoid storing gitpod tokens in system keychain. If it helps then mostlikely the token in the system keychain is invalid. Newer version of the local app should validate it on the start and require new authorization.

–mock-keyring never worked, either before or after I updated the Local Companion.
The http part is always working, I can access my stencil starter app with http://localhost:3333 on my machine.

Could you share workpace is and logs of your local app with me please? You can send them to anton@gitpod.io.

of course, I’m sending it

edit: email sent.

to keep the workspace running I inspect files.
I saw that the temporary public key created and referenced in my /tmp/gitpod_ssh_config file is present in /home/gitpod/.ssh/