Left Menubar is black on black

Fully updated Chromium, Windows 10 Pro (21H1)

It works; Mouseover help appears, if I click on it I get an appropiate action/submenu but it is irritating.

Anything I can do?

Hey Michael. Welcome to the community :tada:

That is frustrating! I’ve been unable to replicate this on my machine (M1 Macbook Air, Chromium) Could you maybe try and go on incognito mode or on another browser?

Happy Coding!

Incognito mode on Chrome on same laptop - Correct
Edge on the same laptop (not incognito) - Black on Black
Firefox, Ubuntu (VirtualBox hosted on that Windows10) - Correct

I’m baffled
M² (Msquare)

OK, now it works normally. Don’t know if it was because of the Incognito sesion or because I afterwards purged history/cache/everything (last 24 hours)

How strange! I’m glad it fixed itself though, sometimes that’s just how it goes with technology I guess :joy: Thanks for sharing!

Happy Coding!