KinD with rootless Docker

I am trying to run a KinD cluster [1] using the rootless docker insider my Gitpod workspace. Unfortunately I got an error while starting the container with respect to cgroups v2.

I tried using the base image as mentioned in the blog [2], but still hit with the same cgroups v2 issue.

As I am using customer image base don gitpod/workspace-full, wondering if there is away to enable cgroups v2 in my custom workspace image ?

[1] kind – Running kind with Rootless Docker
[2] Running KIND Inside A Kubernetes Cluster For Continuous Integration | D2iQ

This is not possible yet. Please check issue [docker] docker run --privileged does not work · Issue #2459 · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub

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Thanks @aledbf , keeping my fingers crossed for cgroups v2 support