Java Language Support can not be installed

With the new VS Code UI I can not install Java Language Support from Red Hat in my local workspace and also in my account.

When I try to install a message of crashing appears …

What can I do to get access to this?

Please check in the output view for java for any errors. Maybe you installed lombok before as a user extension in Theia, but now it is no available in VS Code. In this case you should install it as well in VS Code.

I am experiencing a similar problem when I try to install Java Language Support - I get the following error:

Failed to share extension from redhat.java32jK8FtB3dnL4x.vsix. Try to upload again.

Anyone with any ideas in our to resolve this? Any help will be much appreciated.


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This is exactly the message which appears when you try to install Java Language Support. Also Intellisense is not available. The only way to build and run my projects is using gradle …

Could you provide a recording or something? Sharing a workspace ID and logs from your devtools can be helpful as well. I cannot reproduce it unfortunately.

We have Java example project here: And Java LS works there perfectly. Maybe something specific to your projects, VS Code settings, or some other installed extension breaks it.

I see this for Gitpod - Dashboard

Trying to install Java in the project results in

Failed to share extension from redhat.java310Zy9I2Cowo0O.vsix. Try to upload again.

and in the browser console

logger-protocol.ts:112 root ERROR Failed to share extension from redhat.java310Zy9I2Cowo0O.vsix Error: Request 'upload' failed
    at Proxy.<anonymous> (
    at e.<anonymous> (
    at (
    at a (

I am not sure how you are getting it. Do you use Theia or VS Code? From VS Code you cannot upload anything, you can only install from the extensions view.

Well you can try it yourself and see if you get the same if you click the link in the previous post. The project is public.

I am using Gitpod so it is using whatever it is using. VS Code I guess nowadays?

Hi @Artur!

When I try opening (while having “VS Code” active in it seems to build & run the Java application successfully:

It also already has Java installed (so I didn’t try to install anything else).

But, for what it’s worth, I also clicked “Yes” on:

and I noticed that one extension pack is missing from (which I’ll fix now):

However I don’t think any of these are major blockers (but please let me know if my assessment is inaccurate here).

Ok, so Gitpod - Dashboard shows that I am using Theia.

When opening the project I see this in the lower right corner

Please switch to VS Code instead. You can do it here: Gitpod - Dashboard
For a bug in Theia please follow: [theia] installing extensions is broken · Issue #4025 · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub

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I switched the IDE to VS Code and can install the language support now. Thanks everyone for your help.

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