It keeps freezing

This is my first time trying Gitpod, and I’m not gonna lie – first impressions have not been good. For one thing, I keep getting this error when trying to access my workspace:


In the instances when the workspace does come up, it eventually freezes again with this message:

“Page Unresponsive - You can wait for it to become responsive or exit the page.”

In the rare times when there are no errors, the interface is slow to respond and feels sluggish in general. If this is what cloud computing is like, then I think I’m not ready to make the jump yet.

Hi @10basetom,

Sorry about your bad experience. That’s not how it should be. Could you give me some more information:

  • From where do you access Gitpod (geographically)?
  • How much RAM/CPU does your local machine have?
  • When did you try Gitpod (incl. timezone)?


The underlying issue for this has been filed here :