Issue with Gitpod Self hosting 0.9.0-alpha1

When I am trying to spin up petclinic workspace in selfhosted gitpod . I am getting error as below.

Please let me know if there is any known fix for this issue.

cannot prepare for user namespaces: rpc error: code = Internal desc = cannot find workspace container

Hi @chaitu454 - can you provide more details on when this error happens?
It looks like there was a problem in creating the container for the workspace, what kernel/OS are you running into? There are any other relevant logs?

@fntlnz - I am trying to host on GKE the node uses COS Image that comes in GKE. I am able to spin up workspace with 0.8.0 this issue is happening explicitly with 0.9.0-alpha1. Infact now when I tried to delete and re-install 0.9.0-alpha1 or 0.9.0-alpha3 instances I am getting below error in ws-proxy and it’s not even coming up

{"@type":“",“error”:"tls: private key does not match public key”,“level”:“fatal”,“message”:“cannot start proxy”,“serviceContext”:{“service”:“ws-proxy”,“version”:""},“severity”:“CRITICAL”,“time”:“2021-05-19T14:58:45Z”}

@chaitu454 The 0.9.0-Alpha1 release is bleeding edge, I don’t recommend using. We are working on 0.9.0 release for later this month. I recommend using 0.8.0 at the moment. Also GitPod has a strong dependency on Ubuntu OS

@solomonope Thanks for this confirmation. I am trying to use 0.9.0-alpha1 basically because I want to use VSCode Editor instead of Theia. So is there anyway I can achieve this with 0.8.0 or do I have to wait for more stabler version of 0.9.0 . Please suggest.

I have fixed this issue with ws-proxy certificates. Now the issue is happening while spinning up workspace where workspace POD is unable to complete Readiness checks. Can someone please help/suggest.

Registry facade is up and running but still getting this error. Please help
Getting error as below -

cannot pull image: rpc error: code = NotFound desc = failed to pull and unpack image “”: failed to resolve reference “”: not found

Could you please share how you solved it? I am running into the same issue now with version 0.9.0-alpha3.

@krejcar25 : Please make sure below details are mentioned in your values.yaml. At the same time please cross check the content of image-builder-registry-secret is appropriate. I mean this secret should have .dockerconfigjson .

registryCerts: []
name: /
secretName: image-builder-registry-secret
path: secrets/registry-auth.json

enabled: false

Hey @chaitu454 !
Can you share the content of your values.yaml file? I am facing the same issue…

@sri-vathsa Did u try with above details I have shared. Those are my values.yaml details only that are specific to image registry. If that doesn’t help can you please share the the Stack trace of the error you’re getting.