Is there any "open on gitpod" badge that I can just copy and paste?

I’m trying to migrate a bunch of boilerplates our students use and I find myself copying and pasting the image all over to every repo. Maybe I did not know that you guys already have a standard badge. This is the one I’m using right now:

[original thread by Alejandro Sanchez]

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You can use this workaround: And up-vote the issue if you want to have it implemented.

We also have a hosted version of the SVG itself if that’s any help:

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Or something like this: if you want something with the more standard ‘badge’ look.

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We used a badge first, but think it is more for status and the like. While starting a workspace is an action so we aligned our button with similar buttons from others (Netlify, Heroku, etc.)

Great, we are going to be using your hosted svg then @csweichel

For convenience, here is a “Open in Gitpod” markdown badge you can simply copy/paste without having to visit the links above:

[![Open in Gitpod](](

Open in Gitpod

And here is also a “Gitpod ready-to-code” badge:

[![Gitpod ready-to-code](](

Gitpod ready-to-code

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wow that second badge looks good!

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Thanks! It’s a bit newer. :blush: (We were able to make it by contributing a Gitpod logo to, which then allowed us to use it in a badge.)

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I have a vscode extension that provides snippets for them which you can install on a user level. Unfortunately its not published but if you open the repo the extension is prebuilt and you could install it from there


It looks like no longer points to a valid SVG graphic. Has the file moved, or is gitpod no longer providing it?


Yep, I was just about to ask the same question.

Hey @eric-wieser @pattacini! The team is on it. Should be back to normal soon. :four_leaf_clover:

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FYI, the new button should be available now. :earth_africa: :earth_asia: :earth_americas:

/cc @pattacini @eric-wieser

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Fantastic! I can see the new badge :sparkles: