Internal registry data location

Does anyone know where the docker registry data for a self-hosted setup using an internal registry is stored?

I have a set of k3s servers, each with a 40GB boot disk, and then an extra mounted drive for the workspace data mapped to /mnt/persistent.

The servers are set up with:

  - mkdir -p /mnt/persistent/var/lib/rancher /mnt/persistent/etc/rancher
  - mkdir -p /mnt/persistent/workspaces
  - mkdir -p /mnt/persistent/docker
  - ln -s /mnt/persistent/var/lib/rancher /var/lib/rancher
  - ln -s /mnt/persistent/etc/rancher /etc/rancher

So am I safe in assuming that data created in the registry, which is then using k3s and containerd will be written to /var/lib/rancher/k3s/...?