Intellij IDE Option

Will Gitpod support Intellij based IDEs via projector (GitHub - JetBrains/projector-server: Server-side library for running Swing applications remotely)? I prefer using Intellij over VS Code. Also, I find that Intellij’s syncing capabilities are more reliable, which would improve the user experience of using cloud IDEs.

You can start projector in your workspaces already. See GitHub - svenefftinge/try-jetbrains-projektor: An easy way to try IntelliJ Community Editor with Projektor
A more native integration with projector would require a lot of focus and projector’s UX leaves too much to desire so that we think it is not worth it. Note that Jetbrains is working on an SSH mode, which we aim to support when it comes out.

Hey Sven, I greatly appreciate your feedback and time. Thank you for the insight.

Could you expand more on the “projector’s UX leaves too much to desire” part?

As for SSH mode, I don’t think that will support the workflow I am hoping to achieve. My use of Gitpod would be from a low-powered machine, such as an Chromebook or iPad/Android tablet. Especially on a tablet, I would not be able to install Intellij.

I have this use case too, ipad/chromebook. I feel an intellij / projector option would be highly worthwhile.

Could you expand more on the “projector’s UX leaves too much to desire” part?

It generally felt slow and sluggish. Also didn’t allow for easy customization and had a lot of friction on startup (you have to manually click through some agreements and resize the app).
That said, we are decoupling a lot of things from the concrete IDE (VS Code) and so I think we should be able to add some experimental “bring your own ide image”-mode soon. We need to solve a few things (heartbeating/timeouts) first though.