Instance Resources

I am trying to figure out what the resource limits on a given Gitpod Workspace Instance are. From what I gather, it has changed a lot since GItpod was started, and I am unable to find an up-to-date listing laying out all of the limits. Could someone please tell me what the current maximum resource usage allowed is (cpu cores/threads, ram, storage, network bandwidth)?

At the moment we use n2-standard-16 nodes at GCP. You get at least 1 CPU and 1.75 GB RAM. We allow bursts of up to 6 CPUs and 12GB RAM but will throttle you down after a few minutes.
When your workspace exceeds 30GB of disk usage we will no longer back it up.
Network bandwidth is usually classes a lot better than your local internet connection.

In Gitpod your workspace is a pod that runs on the same node as other workspace pods. That enables us to add give you ample resources for bursts but also requires us to throttle you down after some time to keep you from molesting your neighbors.

This dynamic resource allocation matches the requirements of software development very well (compilation bursts but relatively low usage while editing). Gitpod has been built for development and what’s covered by our terms of service. For different use cases please contact us to make sure we consider that fair use.

Thank you!