Installing gitpod on Google cloud

I have unsuccessfully tried to install gitpod on an aws ec2 instance with a custom ingress and failed spectacularly owing to my ignorance of the nuances of kubernetes ingress concepts.

I want to install gitpod self-hosted 0.9.0 on GKE. What’s the best path forward?

Should I use the installer scripts (docker) or should I use the GCP terraform script? Which one is more mature and more likely to succeed?

The current documentation points to 0.5.0 as the latest version of gcp installer. Is this correct?

:wave: v0.10.0 was released last night. Use these instructions Install Gitpod Self-Hosted on Kubernetes

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I was finally able to install gitpod using the gitpod-eks-guide project on github. Now, I’m trying to configure my workspaces.

where did you setup your gitpod? on aws or gcp?

@aningako EKS is AWS

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Can you help me and guide how to setup my own self hosted gitpod? Id really appreciate it. I was planning to set it up on aws.

Feel free to get started here: Gitpod Self-Hosted

If you have any questions, feel free to post it over on our Discord server: Gitpod :sparkles: