Installing Extensions in Docker

Hi there,

i try to solve the following problem: We have many different projects in gitlab. For all of them i need basically the same vscode setup and extensions. For tooling i can use the .gitpod.Dockerfile and simply link something we build ahead of time. (Would be nice if we could use private gitlab registries)

But in addition i want to use the same set of extensions for each of these projects. Maintaining 30 .gitpod.yml files seems quite overwhelming, any idea how i can install them peforehand? As i saw it your image gitpod/workspace-full is missing the ide.

I know that developers can sync their extensions, but we have fluctuating staff and consultants and i don’t want to explain each and everyone what to install and sync.


Hi Tobias. Thank you for your query!

I just want to make sure that I understand this correctly - you want to install the same extensions for all your projects but don’t want to have to install them in every single project… is that correct?

If so, you can try to install an extension for your personal user profile. This way, all your projects moving forward will have the same extensions. You only have to do it once! Read more here/watch the video: Search & Install Extensions in Your Gitpod Workspace

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For all developers to come :slight_smile:

Personal extension does not help.

Hey @TobiT! Going with a .gitpod.yml for each project is probably the safest and best way forward here. In case the following help:

  1. You can skip adding a version. Pasting from vscode.extensions reference docs: By default, extensions will use the latest available version unless you use a specific version number. The version number must use semantic versioning rules. If you are interested in importing an extension that is not published on the Open VSX registry you can directly use the full URL.

  2. Adding extensions to the .gitpod.yml can be done from the extension panel though the user interface. Just click on the small settings icon next to the extension you’re interested in and click Add to .gitpod.yml. :mouse:

  3. Last but now least, we’re adding Teams & Projects in the next few weeks and we’ve discussed adding shared project settings later ahead as well as team settings, see relevant roadmap item. No promise but this could also include a list of extensions shared within the team.

  4. In the meantime, adding support for external .gitpod.yml configuration that you could reference from within a main .gitpod.yml could be an interesting feature request. :thought_balloon:

Feel free to open an issue about anything from the above sounds interesting to you and doesn’t exist yet as a feature request in our issue tracker. :ping_pong:

Let me also loop in @akosyakov and @jan in case they can add any further points here. :tangerine: