Install from Rancher catalog anyone?

has anyone tried to tweak the self-hosted helm install so that it can be used from Rancher?

It would be great to have gitpod in the official catalog - or just be able to reference a custom repo with the catalog.

I can see some potential issues with installs that have an ingress controller in place - so that would need to be handled. But otherwise I think most of the things in values.yaml can be handled with questions.yaml for Rancher.

Hi Thomas,

I haven’t tried Gitpod self-hosted with Rancher…

I assume you’re talking about this questions.yaml and this official catalogue.

Gitpod is available via the Helm repository at Could you add that repository as a custom repository in Rancher?

What potential issues with the ingress controller do you see?

I have not tried using the gitpod charts straight from your repo - would be easy enough to try.

The potential issue with the ingress controller is just that most Rancher managed clusters will have an ingress controller defined, which means that ports 443 and 80 on the node hosts are taken. That would conflict with the Gitpod proxy.