Incredibly unstable workspace (2021-04-12 UTC)

Any workspace looks incredibly unstable to me for hours. VS Code IDE, Chrome 89, on macOS 11.2.3.

Workspace UI by Code was rendered a bit slowly, but no file cannot be opened and the terminal does not have any response.

After minutes, reloading is requested via a modal dialog. does not show anything on this.

With Theia IDE, all workspaces do work well! :thinking:

Could you share workspace IDs for unstable with VS Code and stable with Theia. I suspect that you have connection issues, but Theia handles them than VS Code.

Thanks. Some workspace IDs which were unstable with VS Code IDE about 24 hour ago.

  • cf83ec3d-ec05-43e1-9619-49717db5fd74
  • red-sloth-uyal7qrz

As you can see, the first workspace is legacy :grinning:, but the second one is not.

hm, from logs it looks like you used Theia, not VS Code in these workspaces.

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Umm… Is possible to decide which IDE is used only on initiate a workspace? Not on start after stop?

The default IDE on Settings looks effective for launching a stopped workspace to me?

Yeah, found it, from logs look like VS Code tries to reconnect a lot because of broken ws connection. In Chrome devtools there is web socket tab which shows pending connections. Could you do me a favour and keep an eye on it while using Theia and then VS Code for some time. What is interesting whether in both Theia and VS Code you see that connections get closed or only in VS Code.

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