If I make a change to .gitpod.Dockerfile when does it take effect

When I push changes to .gitpod.Dockerfile the workspace says “No Changes”. When / how does it reload the workspace?

Hi Ryan, to test these changes, you have to commit & push the .gitpod.Dockerfile. Once that’s done, you start a new workspace based on the branch or PR that contains the changed Dockerfile and Gitpod will pick that up.

Should the Dockerfile have any issues, the new workspace won’t load and you can use the initial workspace to fix the issues.

Thanks, got it. So this sort of means any change I make and want to use costs me an extra hour.

I think a way to restart the current workspace would be useful.

Restarting the existing workspace could lead you to a situation where your workspace doesn’t start anymore, I’ve had that a few times when I updated my docker files. That’s why it’s better to keep one workspace open and test Dockerfile changes in another one.

As for the cost, you can manually stop a workspace through the menu at the top-left of VS Code, above the icons where you navigate to your file explorer, search, etc. I’m on my mobile device, but if you can’t find it I’ll post a screenshot in the morning.

I’ve seen the stop off the hamburg menu I think. I thought charges were by the hour. So if I start a second workspace I’m getting charged for the current hour twice even if I stop one.

Also if it fails to start I know I can fix it. It’s git! It’s in the name. I should be able to rollback.

Just a suggestion.

BTW you can use docker in gitpod workspaces to try your changes locally before pushing. Run sudo docker-up to start a Docker daemon.

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I think the easiest way may be what the gitpod wizard recommends; keep a workspace running to make changes and have another one you keep deleting and recreating on a new branch to test your changes.

I agree this works practically. It has a side effect of burning an hour on every relaunch.