I cannot start my workspace again

I cannot start my workspace again. It shows a red error message and then begins stopping (screenshot below). This has happened to me before and eventually, it just starts working. Another time, I think you had to move it to another server or something.

The ID is:


I’m having this same problem on at least two workspaces; the one I was using yesterday, and one a few days older. I’m not touching any others at this point.

I am unable to proceed with my work; I’m a student using GitPod for my coursework and I have deadlines. From other reports in the community I am not not the only one.

IDs are:



(These are above the name of the workspace; if this is not the correct ID let me know where to find it.)

I am also having this same issue on my workspace that I was using earlier today to add the final touches to my project which is due tomorrow. I am very anxious as my deadline is drawing nearer.

The ID of my workspace is: https://dc6ef513-bf13-4d54-846f-db0ee6250d14.ws-us02.gitpod.io/

Seems to be working now.

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Hey @wadeziegler @billdavisjr and @Xyeila, thank you for reporting this problem and sorry for the bad experience.

The issue was that one of our servers in the US cluster started acting up, which seemed to be caused by a rare Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine bug that we’ve already reported with them earlier. For now, we’ve simply removed this server from our cluster, so you should no longer see this problem (i.e. you should be able to start your workspaces again just fine). Please let us know if that’s not the case.

We’ll ping Google Cloud support about this issue again, as it would be good to resolve this for good.

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Just a thought, maybe you could detect these situations and remove the server from the cluster programmatically.

Anyway, thanks for responding.

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Hello @jan

We have the same issue on our self hosted gitpod in Belgien. Did you find how you can solve this issue without removing the server?

Hi @anagas!

Do you have exactly the same problem (i.e. you also see the error message failed to create containerd task: OCI runtime create failed: ccontainer_linux.go:345: starting container process caused "exec: \"/theia/supervisor\": stat /theia/supervisor: no such file or directory": unknown), or are you just unable to start workspaces?

If it’s the latter, it’s a very broad symptom that could have many different root causes.

Could you please share more details on your self-hosted installation (e.g. which version, what sort of infrastructure & configuration are you using) and what exact error messages you’re seeing?

Hello Jan

We have the exact same problem:
Error message:
OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:349: starting container process caused “exec: “/theia/supervisor”: stat /theia/supervisor: no such file or directory”: unknown

Please file an issue if you think this is a bug.

Version: 0.5.0
Selfhosted Gitlab on GCP and a Selfhosted Gitpod on GCP deployed on an existing Cluster with helm

If you want i can send your our yaml file with a pm.

Hello @jan

Do you have an Update?

Hi @anagas!

Thank you for bearing with us, as Gitpod Self-Hosted issues are a bit tricky to figure out. Do no workspaces start at all in your installation? :one: Or is it just sometimes that a workspace won’t start? :two:

  • If :one: then there may be something wrong in the build, causing supervisor to not be included properly

  • If :two: then maye the copying of Theia/supervisor to the node doesn’t work

Hello Jan

It is 1. We are trying it to install without internet access could this be a problem?

I have a similar problem, a workspace that will open on one computer but not on another, and the computer it does open on the code highlighting does not work.