How to run a maven project in Git pod

Hi Team,

I am able to do a mvn clean install for a java maven project.
Please let me know the steps to run the project.

Up on running the mvn clean install command i see the below log but not sure how to preview the deployed war file

Installing /workspace/Servlets-HTML-HashMap-Login-maven/target/Servlets-HTML-HashMap-Login-maven.war to /workspace/m2-repository/com/easylearnjava/Servlets-HTML-HashMap-Login-maven/1.0-SNAPSHOT/Servlets-HTML-HashMap-Login-maven-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war

Is there a reference implementation ? If so please let me know.

Thank you.

Hi @Raghu, welcome to the Gitpod community! :tada:

I’m not super familiar with Maven, but I know that this mini-guide has some configuration examples for using Maven in Gitpod:

Does it have what you need? If not, we should definitely add it.

Also I’d be more than happy to ping a few teammates who know Maven better than I do if needed.

Thank you @jan, Let me go through it.

Hi Raghu,

this looks like your maven build produces a war that you then could deploy to a container.
I’m not sure what container you are usually using for deployment, but you could download that container to your gitpod instance and then deploy your war into it. After that you can type gp url <port of your application>, e.g., gp url 8080 and then access your application under the address this command produces.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,