How to delete/remove failed gitpod aws installation

My Gitpod installation failed while doing setup few days back, but the script has already created some resources in aws which are leading to billing in my was account.

Is there any way to remove it from aws.

Like which service I can stop complete installation to save my costs on aws.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Hi @manindersbawa,
if you have installed Gitpod using either the Terraform script or the installer which is also using Terraform, you can also remove resources using terraform destroy. Otherwise you have to remove the resources manually. We had also some problems completely removing all resources after a failed installation as AWS creates some dependencies in the security groups that prevent it.
Please check the following resources in this order:

  • EC2: remove all Auto Scaling Groups and Launch Configurations
  • EKS: remove the Kubernetes Cluster
  • EC2: remove all inbound and outbound rules that link to other security groups and remove them afterwards
  • VPC: remove all network resources

If you encounter any problems, please reach out to me.