How to deactivate builtin extension?

I found the vscode go extension (builtin, ms-vscode.Go) is pretty outdated.
I was trying to test newer versions of Go extension, but due to the conflict with the builtin go extension, I cannot use the new one. Note that since this summer, the extension publisher was changed from ms-vscode to golang. The new go extension is published as golang.go in open-vsx and vscode marketplace.

Is there any way to disable the builtin extension?

Hi @hyangah!
The namespace change is indeed a problem, as it is blocking the override with newer version. And disabling isn’t possible in general.

@akosyakov just mentioned, that we’re trying to update the builtin version with the upcoming deployment.

Is it now possible to disable buildin extensions? The docs say:

Your project’s .gitpod.yml is updated automatically and lists the given extension. You can also directly edit this file to install or remove extensions manually.

So as I understand it, it should be possible? But how?

Hi! This might be helpful: VS Code Extensions

“You can view all pre-installed extensions by navigating to VS Code’s Extensions section on the left-hand side. In the “Search Extensions in Marketplace” input field, type @builtin to see the built-in extensions.”

When you navigate there, you can also disable them from that same UI.

Happy Coding!

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