How to create headless gitpod workspaces?

Creating a workspace which can be run without opening IDE tab, but by using something like terminal or any other alternatives.

Hi, SSH access is a feature that is on the roadmap for Q1/Q2 2021


Hi scenefftinge,
I can do a ssh using tmate right now, but even if I am working with ssh, when workspace become inactive(not interacting with the UI for 30 mins) it loses the connection and ssh fails. So I was hoping it will be better if there is a way to run the gitpod workspace with just a terminal command, and the workspace is alive if I am interacting with the terminal.
Could you please suggest me a workaround solution for the same?

There is currently no workaround solution for keeping workspaces alive besides user interaction through the web-ide. As I said we are working on a proper SSH mode early next year, which will also solve the keeping alive issues.