How to add project specific extensions in VSCode IDE?


I was wondering how I could add a project specific extension in the new VSCode IDE? When I add an extension there, it seems to be added to my personal extensions, as it is not added to the gitpod.yml file.

The problem I’m currently facing is: In a fresh workspace for a new developer Java extensions are not preinstalled anymore (while using VSCode IDE), so I added the redhat java pack via Theia (where it’s still possible to add project specific extensions), however in Theia the Java debugger seems to be a default extension, so I could not add it as a project specific one. Currently I see no way to add the Java debugger as a project specific extension because Thei forbids it, VSCode seems not to add project specific extensions and I do not know how to calculate the hash that is needed for the gitpod.yml entry.

Any advice is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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We are going to deprecate hashes and always rely on Open VSX. You can add to .gitpod.yml. In VS Code you can also use Add to .gitpod.yml from the context menu in the extensions view.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Didn’t think of the context menu -.- sorry

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