How can I Integrate 'ddev' workflow in Gitpod?

I work with Drupal for most projects, which requires a similar environment to Laravel or Magento.

I love using ddev ( because it creates for me a docker setup, in a very simple way.

To start a Drupal project, all I need is run ddev config, answer 4 questions (all with the default answer), and ddev start. ddev start and everything works.
The first 13 lines in this ddev script would work for most Drupal projects, and I can still configure everything I want to change, if I want to change it.

Compared with the example of Magento2 in Gitpod:

Is there a way to start Gitpod, and then run ddev in the terminal of the workspace?
Is there a way to use docker-compose to bring multiple images into a project, instead of 1 docker file?

Hi @shaal! Sorry for the late reply / welcome to the Gitpod community! :tada:

While this isn’t possible in Gitpod today, docker & docker-compose support in Gitpod workspaces is currently being implemented, and should (hopefully) get released in just a few weeks.

You can configure Gitpod to automatically install ddev in your workspace (e.g. in a .gitpod.yml init task, or in a .gitpod.dockerfile).

However, since ddev itself seems to depend on Docker and/or docker-compose, you will probably need to wait for these to be supported in before you can fully benefit from ddev.

Please note that releasing this feature is currently our highest priority for Gitpod.

Thank you for your answer @jan

I am looking forward to docker and docker-composer functionality, if there’s any beta-testing for these features, please sign me up :slight_smile:

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@shaal Sure, thanks for the offer!

Also, we’ll share more details on this feature during a YouTube live stream tomorrow, in case you’re interested:

@jan Thank you for telling me about it! I will definitely attend the Youtube live stream.