How can I install Pylance

How can I install this extension

maybe you need to download tgis extension to your visual studio code manully and then copy the .vsix file to your desktop and then drag it into your browser to install

but gitpod doesnt support Pylance :frowning:

There seems to be legal issues:


Would be nice to get an official statement from the Gitpod team on pylance. Is it included with the VSCode version that comes with the Gitpod image?

The most popular Python extension for VSCode shows up in the Gitpod VSC marketplace and it lists that Pylance is included. However I keep seeing messages that Pylance is not installed each time a gitpod workspace launches. See screenshots below.

This issue may be an early warning for a bigger problem. Since gitpod decided to ditch Theia it put itself at the mercy of M$ (disguised as an open source project advocate) and I expect issues like pylance to keep coming up. Especially since Codespaces (not open source) is in direct competition with Gitpod.

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 12.37.36 PM

SSH to your local vscode

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