How can I get next.js page's preview

I cannot see my web pages’ preview. Because there are no PREVIEW BUTTON. Some people says If I use Port:8000, Gitpod would get your pages Preview. But It doesn’t Happened.

I using next.js

Hi @manzi-world and welcome to the Gitpod community!

When you start an application that opens a port, you usually get a message like this in the bottom right corner:


There is also an Open Ports view open by default in the bottom area that looks like this:

If it’s not open, you can pres F1 and type “Open Ports” and choose “Toggle Open Ports View”.

Click the button “Open Preview” or “Open Browser” to view the app.

You can also run gp url <port> in your workspace to get the preview URL, e.g.:

$ gitpod /workspace/gitpod-playground $ gp url 8000

Let me know if this helps!