How can I add an extension to VSCode?

[original thread by Marco Pegoraro]

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Do you mean how can I add a VS Code extension to Gitpod? It’s not possible right now. We are working on testing and adding VS Code extensions one by one. When we are sure that exp is generally good we will open up a possibility to install custom VS Code extensions.

btw which extensions do you want?

I use Gitpod as platform for authoring my blog. I would love to have grammarly integrated.

I use grammarly actually as Chrome extension and it checks evertyhing even in IDE

but i cannot find grammarly extension for VS Code :frowning:

liked this tweet to bring an issue to grammarly team:

you can do the same :smiley:

[Mitch VanDuyn]

I would like RuboCop (linter for ruby)

ok, put it on my list :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed answer!

@marcopeg you can try with VS Code. Some colleagues use and love it. We can bring it to Gitpod if you like it as well :slight_smile:

I would like markdown preview

@alesanchezr I think it is integrated in Gitpod already, open markdown file and there should a command to preview it

thank you all!

Here’s how to install an extension:

There is question about how to add an extension to .gitpod.yml manually by using hash like that?

VS Code doesn’t support uploading extensions with hashes.
We are currently considering whether we want to keep doing that or alternatively allow to specify a URL to a *.vsix file as you proposed once.

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@vymarkov If you meant:

Then the solution is to install/update/uninstall extensions using the IDE’s Extensions panel. This will automatically update your .gitpod.yml with the correct hash.

Learn more here: