Help my work has gone- gitpod

I tried to open my workspace and my work has gone. It is still a repository but it is showing a green dot with shell next to it not HTML. Every time I try to open it it opens a new workspace with none of my work.

Hey @LesleyKB, welcome to the Gitpod community! :tada:

FYI, your work should be still there. You will need to stop the running workspace to get the list of pending changes in the workspaces list. See relevant comment.

Currently, when a workspace is running a) we do not surface any information related to pending changes and b) we’re reusing the same state of no changes using the No Changes label which could be confusing to the user.

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Hi @gtsiolis so i have stopped running the top one and showed the 48 changes and in fact, all of them have stopped. I have tried to open the one with the 48 changes and still, my work doesn’t show, So is it wise to delete the other workspaces that are showing in the screenshot!
Screenshot (212)|690x388 ?

Hey @LesleyKB, if you see the changes on the stopped workspaces by clicking the 48 Changes label, you should be able to see your changes when you reopen the workspace.

You can also try to download the workspace locally using the more actions button (●●●) on the right and check if the changes are still there.

Hi @gtsiolis OK so I downloaded it but it’s not opening to anything so can’t see what changes there may be.

Could you share workspace if? From the image I cannot understand which you mean.

Hi @gtsiolis so I tried to download it but i couldn’t open it and see anything.

Hi @akosyakov, I can share my workspace but there is nothing there. Basically all the changes I made are showing in gitpod but my workspace doesnt open to my work.

I just need workspace ID to look for backups.

Is this it?

no, like azure-tortoise-lgvqd57v, you can see them in dashboard, one which you open and expect to see changes. If you start a new workspace for the repo it won’t have changes from another workspace, only what you have in the repo already.

Ah yes.


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