Graviton 2 based AWS deployment

I was trying to deploy gitpod on my was account by changing the instance type to c6g.2xlarge but am facing the following error.
“The architecture ‘arm64’ of the specified instance type does not match the architecture ‘x86_64’ of the specified AMI. Specify an instance type and an AMI that have matching architectures, and try again. You can use ‘describe-instance-types’ or ‘describe-images’ to discover the architecture of the instance type or AMI. Launching EC2 instance failed.”
Can someone help me with this?

During initial testing I deployed on x86 based instances(m4large) and I noticed that there was some windows server being used as a part of the deployment. Not sure if this is the cause of the issue though.

Is there any way we can replace this with some ARM compatible image/instance?

Hi @sri-vathsa,

Gitpod does not supported arm and won’t do so in the near feature. We’ll have a public list of supported architectures/ Kubernetes version shortly, but it’s all amd64.

Hey @geropl ,
What’s the specific reason why it is not supported on arm? Is it because of the gitpod-workspace base images used or the images that are actually used to run the gitpod deployment?

I am trying to understand which component of the application is not compatible with ARM architecture currently.