Gitpod Window (Chrome Extension)

Hope this extension can help VIM users like me. :grinning:

Chrome Web Store:

Gitpod Window offers you a immersive IDE experience with minimal UI and shortcuts

  • This is NOT an official extension from Gitpod

The goal of this extension is to provide a improved Gitpod online IDE experience. What is does is opening a Chrome popup window with:

  • Minimal Chrome Interface (see screenshot)
  • Full Keyboard Shortcuts (incl. Ctrl-W, Ctrl-N, Ctrl-T and more)

If you would like to learn how to write a Chrome Extension like this, check:


Cool, I have installed it and playing around. Looks pretty good so far, thank you!

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I have also tried, it seems pretty nice for Chrome OS users like me!


I am a Chrome OS user as well! Hope it makes things easier for you, and feel free to leave any feedback in any platform you like, thanks.


Would be really nice if this would be added to the official Gitpod plugin.

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Amazing man! Congrats. :grinning:

@jeromewu This looks incredible! Iā€™m a chrome os user and Iā€™d love to use this extension but unfortunately, launching a workspace opens a new tab in the browser, not the extension.

Hey @erasmuswill, with the new dashboard changes, new workspaces should open within the same tab, right?

Aha! That actually works nicely now! Thank you!

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