Gitpod Website does not show my running workspaces


I currently can’t see my running workspaces on the gipod website anymore.
Maybe somehow related to this one "Workspace not found!", all pinned workspaces gone , but I’m not sure.

The last workspace I can see is 3 days old, so maybe this is an indicator when something got changed that broke it?

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Hi @Sandared !

Apologies for the sightly scary “surprise” here. The workspaces are likely not gone, but might have been moved under a team.

With the new Teams & Projects update, we’re sightly changing the UX of the Gitpod dashboard, which now has separate Workspaces lists for your own personal projects versus team projects that you’re working on.

You can switch between your personal account and any team using the top-left drop-down menu, and likely find your workspaces again that way.

What happens is: when you add a new project to a team, new workspaces for that project will also be associated to that project in that team.

If that’s not desirable, and you’d prefer the teams UX worked differently, please feel free to share any thoughts or ideas.

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Ah now I found them ^^
Just scrolled through our list of prebuilds and found 4 prebuilds that are in state RUNNING since 2 days. As Cancellation is not supported yet I couldnt abort them.
Not sure if this is a displa bug or if there are prebuilds that are somehow stuck and use CPU for nothing

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Great news! Also, thanks again for your feedback. This morning we’ll be shipping a small feature that indicates in /workspaces when you have active workspaces in other teams. See the designs here. This should help clarify this situation when it invariably happens to others as well. :slight_smile:

Indeed, we seem to have a few bugs around the displayed status of Prebuilds. We’ve recently fixed a few of these problems, and are working towards making the status much more reliable.

Also, manual cancellation of Prebuilds is coming, as soon as I address the remaining code review feedback in this Pull Request. :blush:


Awesome, that will help :wink:

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