GitPod Self-Hosted timing out on build

I’m getting errors saying it’s timing out, and the helm deploy is taking forever. I’m running on Ubuntu LTS.

I have a very limited CPU, so is it possible that that’s why it won’t deploy? Installing k8s has made my CPU use spike from 0-3% to 100% constantly.

Hi @thetayloredman!

Yes, if only installing k8s alone is already giving you a hard time, then installing extra workloads on top of that will be a problem.

Could you try installing on a cloud provider? Google Cloud Platform provides US$300 credits for new users :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ll try GCP in a bit.

I also thought of trying the Docker version, but I’m not sure if it’s doing anything helpful as I just get startup logs and then stuff that looks like this:

gitpod_1  | I1214 15:53:04.283249      44 topology_manager.go:219] [topologymanager] RemoveContainer - Container ID: 63839af4b799b0acfe6cd421adb78677945fcf364205f199525ac213ef11c8ff
gitpod_1  | E1214 15:53:04.284058      44 pod_workers.go:191] Error syncing pod acf79099-ffeb-4113-846d-4798474ca749 ("gitpod-helm-installer_default(acf79099-ffeb-4113-846d-4798474ca749)"), skipping: failed to "StartContainer" for "gitpod-helm-installer" with CrashLoopBackOff: "back-off 20s restarting failed container=gitpod-helm-installer pod=gitpod-helm-installer_default(acf79099-ffeb-4113-846d-4798474ca749)"

Full log without IPs

Forgot to reply to you so @ArthurSens

Is it possible that this is a RAM problem as I’ve seen? I’m only using this for myself, so even being limited to 1-2 open containers at once (with very low memory) is fine.