Gitpod Self-Hosted Support Bundle

Howdy folks :wave:

Historically, answering community questions about Gitpod Self-Hosted on the forum has been challenging because a) the right information isn’t provided to enable fast resolution and b) clear guidance was not provided as to expectations of what the right information is. We acknowledge that those two problems have yielded a frustrating experience and want to say thank-you for your patience, love and support :orange_heart:

Today we shipped two improvements a) automated tooling to generate a support bundle b) a secure end-to-end portal where these support bundles can be shared with Gitpod employees. When opening a support case we would greatly appreciate it if you proactively generated and supplied this information.

The Gitpod Self-Hosted support bundle is generated by which automatically redacts the following:

  • AWS credential environment variables in JSON.
  • HTTP/HTTPS/FTP connection strings that contain a username and password.
  • Database connection strings containing a username and password, standard Postgres and MySQL connection string components, and ‘database’ environment variables in JSON.
  • All IPv4 addresses.
  • API token environment variables in JSON.
  • Password environment variables in JSON.
  • Username credential environment variables in JSON.

After the redaction phase it is still possible that the generated support bundle may contain sensitive information (everyone has a different defintion of what is sensitive) thus we recommend that you throughly review the generated tarball before uploading the bundle to Gitpod’s end-to-end secure data exchange portal.

If, upon review, you feel that there is data that should be redacted by default please start a discussion in a GitHub issue and/or send in a pull-request that implements the selector and redactor. :orange_heart:


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