Gitpod Self-Hosted pricing clarification? Limited to only 50 hours?

I’ve been running the most recent Docker images off of successfully. But I’ve noticed in Settings > Plans there’s a countdown of 50 hours? It seems like the plans visible on this part of the UI are the SaaS plans and not the ones shown for the Self-Hosted version if I’m going by the official website ( I’d just like a little more clarification on the pricing. Is the self-hosted version of Gitpod also limited to 50 hours a month? If so, it’s not obvious from looking at the website.

It is not limited to 50 hours. We’ve done some refactorings and it seems like the payment wall for Saas is now active in self-hosted. It is a bug. Can you file one here: Issues · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub ?