Gitpod SaaS with self-managed Gitlab

im looking to establish gitpod at my company.
Can i use Gitpod (Pro SaaS) with a self-hosted gitlab instance?

Im just a little confused because in this doc here it says:

For GitLab self-managed instances, a GitLab administrator needs to:
1. Set up a Gitpod instance to integrate with GitLab. Refer to the Gitpod documentation to get your instance up and running.

Which refers to the Gitpod Self-Hosted Installation.

Sorry, if it has already been asked.

Yes, you can hook up your self-managed GitLab with
The documentation for it is here: Gitpod Documentation
It’s not updated to match the new dashboard, though.
The respective settings are here: Gitpod - Dashboard
Sorry, for the confusion and thanks for asking.

Hi, I’m stuck trying to activate the integration with onprem gitlab and gitpod cloud.

After clicking “Activate Integration”, and “Authorize” the callback seems to just hang… sometimes I get an error screen, sometimes it looks like it worked but it wont show up in the integrations (and when I try to access the gitlab with in front it takes me back to the Authorize screen…

(I cant post the error as I’m only allowed 1 image)

Any ideas?

image 2 showing the error after 2 mins

EDIT: could this be caused because our self hosted instance isnt exposed to the internet? if so is there anyway of doing this? maybe using some sort of tunneling only between gitpod and our gitlab? or specific ALLOW rules on our FW?

is your self hosted gitpod using self signed certs by any chance?
if so then it wont work. I’ve had to change my certs to lets-encrypt for my gitlab installation

hi @hm2075 , actually our gitlab instance is self hosted, but we are using the cloud based gitpod.

yes, but what about certs on your gitlab instance?

Yes, sorry, it has a Letsencrypt certificate that is valid… Is it possible to whitelist some IPs only for gitpod to access gitlab from outside our VPN?

I think you would be better off just using gitpod self hosted if you are worried about whitelisting all IPs.

However, since gitpod runs on multiple clusters but they are all on Google Cloud, you should be able to whitelist a block of IPs. However, that will lead to possible vulnerabilities where Google assigns an IP in the same block to someone else. In the end, I think it’s a matter of how broad a range you want to whitelist at once.

Thanks, that makes sense… We are in the midst of migrating out of self-hosting most tools so I dont really want to host gitpod, then to migrate it in the next few months… is there a list somewhere of current IPs? Thanks!!

Don’t think so, best bet is probably to do a curl In my testing, I did not see any specific range/block assigned to Gitpod, so here’s a full list of possible ranges:

Another possibility is to create a webhook to whitelist an IP and request that webhook from your workspace when it starts using your .gitpod.yml.