GITPOD Postman communication error

I have installed GITPOD Self-Hosted on GCP and also I am able to open workspace and create the required configurations.

While calling API from POSTMAN I am facing below issue

Our workspace hosts a small web service with Rest API. When I try to POST using POSTMAN it shows status as “403Forbidden” on POSTMAN console.

When the same workspace is in, we are able to access the same via postman, but the workspace on our self-hosted gitpod is giving 403 error on postman.
Looks like some permission issue somewhere for the new workspace, unable to figure out.
Any help is appreciated.

  • Do you use a custom domain with HTTPS?
  • Could you provide a screenshot of your ports view in your workspace (it’s usually in the bottom panel)?
  • Does accessing a webservice via GET work? (You could test it with curl | sh as long as port 8080 is available.)