GitPod GKE Self Hosted

Hello Team,

I am referring this repository for gitpod self hosted installation in gke but facing various issues while installation.

Can anyone share proper installation steps because I have already installed Gitpod 0.4.0. So, I dont need to create new project and billing account.

For paper trail purposes, discussion has also happened in Discord for this thread.

My conclusion is that the install scripts/process (in the repo) for GKE are currently outdated and will need to be updated. After poking, prodding and making a few changes myself I did get it up and running. I can try to submit my changes as PRs.

@astuffedtiger can you be more specific about the issues you are facing? Thanks

Hey @aledbf,

Have you tried running this install in the last 2-3 days?


The GKE (and Azure) guide has been updated this week to use the new Installer. I suggest you try that as it’s more reliable and also has a faster release cycle relative to Helm