GitPod GKE Cluster Version Upgraded

Hello Team,

I have GitPod 0.4.0 Self Hosted installed in GKE Cluster. Currently, My Kubernetes Cluster Version got upgarded to 1.19.12-gke.2101, I have installed it on 1.18.20-gke.4501 and my node pool also have same version now. GKE is getting automatically upgraded to 1.19.12-gke.2101 version. I did entire reinstallation thrice in this week with cluster version 1.18.20-gke.4501 but same scenario appeared again and again.

Currently, My workspace is just loading and Initializing workspace is displayed on the webpage as shown below.

I have also tried new version installation for GKE but it is having lot of problems. So, I have created a thread for it 2 days back.

Currently me and my team is failing to load workspace and we are not able to work. Can anyone could share any workaround over this, so that I will work on 0.4.0 version till the latest version issues get resolved.

Thanks in advance.

Honestly I would work on getting the latest version installed, not this very outdated version.