Gitpod + GitHub Copilot?

Anyone successfully installed GitHub copilot onto Gitpod?

Can it work on it? Different VScode no?

Hi @louis030195! sources extensions from, and since GitHub Copilot isn’t open-source, it cannot be added to OpenVSX.

However, you can also use Gitpod with your local VS Code, by using the local companion app. That way, you can use Gitpod + GitHub Copilot :raised_hands:


And, on a side note, a few open-source alternatives to GitHub Copilot already exist on OpenVSX (and can thus be installed in without the local companion app) like for example:

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thanks @jan , will try the local companion app.
But comparing TabNine / Kite to GitHub Copilot is like comparing a bicycle with a Ferrari :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried installing Copilot via the .vsix-File. But I says I wouldn’t be whitelisted… (I think something doesn‘t work if doing it this way)

VS Code desktop support is very experimental at the moment, you can follow these steps to try: Allow SSH connection · Issue #1781 · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub

We won’t be able to run this extension in Gitpod version of VS Code, since we don’t have access to MS GitHub tokens. And the latter is required at the moment. Maybe it will change when this extension is out of preview. Also the license is not clear yet.

I was able to run GitHub CoPilot extension by running VSCode locally + Gitpod Local companion.


Let me know if I can help.


So how did you set up github copilot in gitpod?


For copilot to be available in Gitpod (non-local), two things would need to happen:

  1. It would need to be repackaged and published on OpenVSIX
  2. It would need to not use several experimental/internal features

The 2nd part is the true blocker right now. Copilot is not yet a product. It is a research project that is ultimately an experiment right now. As such, it does some pretty wild stuff, including how it integrates into VSCode. Eventually I expect that it’ll be using all public APIs, but for now that is not the case.

You can get the github copilot .vsx file and install it to gitpod

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Where can I get the github copilot .vsx file ?

Can someone explain how to make github copilot work on gitpod ?

Regards from Sweden