Gitpod down?

I am getting “Allocating Resources” and that’s it when opening a workspace.

I too have been getting this for the past hour

Howdy folks, confirming that something is not functioning correctly and we are investigating. Keep an eye on Gitpod Status - Some workspaces will not start for updates.

Yeah, exactly. I’ve been trying all morning to get my worspace up and running - to no avail. I love GitPod’s concept, and have been using it for quite a while now, and have really enjoyed it. That said, it MUST get consistent for me to be able to reliably use it as my main working platform. I’ve had small hitches like this a few times before, but none have lasted as long. I’ve tried changing the IDE to VS Code (Latest), but that didn’t work too. Hope this gets done soon

This is resolved now. Apologies for the trouble.

See and Gitpod Status - Some workspaces will not start