Gitpod and private docker images

Is it possible to configure a gitpod enabled repo with a Dockerfile that pulls images from private repos?

I can’t seem to find any documentation on how to set up credentials that will be used by docker when pulling images.

Unfortunately, that’s currently not possible. If you like, you can submit a feature request here:

@thomashansen: Thanks for your feature request. As I can see there, you’re interested in fetching Docker images from your own Docker registry in a self-hosted setting. Could this help you:

Setting own Docker registry for Gitpod self-hosted

Coming back to this as I am also coming back to Gitpod after having paused the self-hosted implementation for almost a year.

I am not sure the support for my own registry for Gitpod itself is going to be enough.
I have not been able to get this to work yet. Was testing with - which does not support nested repositories, so I could not create workspace images there. Will be trying with some other registries in the coming week.

I need a way to specify private docker images to use to pull images for custom workspaces - and these may be coming from different registries. So we need to do something similar to Gitlab’s CI/CD pipelines, where you can specify docker credentials for external registries to pull from at build time.

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Actually also trying to get this working with the hosted gitpod version.

I am trying to define instances of .gitpod.yml and .gitpod.Dockerfile that can be used with some internal images that are augmented with gitpod features for very custom development environments using private docker images.

With the DIND setup in Gitpod now, I can log into Dockre registries and pull images once my workspace has been instantiated - that works nicely. However, I need to be able to pull an n initial FROM image in my .gitpod.Dockerfile - so the docker credentials need to be set before the workspace is started.

I had hoped I could do something similar to Gitlab where you can add variables for the CI/CD pipelines to use docker credentials - but don’t think that will work. I can create some variables with Docker credentials - but Gitpod needs to use them somehow so they work on the initial image pull.

Anyone been able to do this?

I too am looking for the ability of a Gitpod-hosted Gitpod session to start up using an image from a private Docker repo - i.e., prebuilt for performance and cross-team use. For now, I want to avoid the cost/complexity of Gitpod self-hosting.

I gather that a Docker Registry in a self-hosting configuration may be doing several things - e.g., supplying images, caching images, maybe managing secrets.

It would be helpful if there was more clarity on the underlying architectural blocker in Gitpod.

What prevents a Gitpod-hosted Gitpod session from leverage available configuration files (e.g., configuration.txt, secrets/registry-auth.json OR similar) from leveraging a Gitpod starter image from a private Docker registry?

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