Gitpod 0.9.0 chart Self hosting - Anyone succeeded

I have tried to Self host 0.9.0-alpha3 version but its failing to spin up Workspace. One of the contributors of this community has mentioned that 0.9.0 is unstable and there is a plan to bring in a better stable version of this this month. So did anyone succeeded in self-hosting 0.9.0 version. Please suggest. Till now I was able to host 0.8.0

Not yet, still anxiously awaiting a 0.9.0 release that works on self-hosted…

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Infact I am able to spin up gitpod but its failing with different error every time I try to spin up a workspace. I didn’t get this issue with 0.8.0

Basically when Workspace pod is spinning up it’s trying to do health check over PODIP and it’s getting connection refused. Hence it’s marking workspace pod as failed. This is happening in GKE. Any ideas how can we fix this.

Sorry for the delayed response here & your continued patience with respect to self-hosted. We will launch 0.9.0 latest by the end of June. Most likely before that. In general we are fully aware that Gitpod self-hosted did not receive the attention it deserves throughout the last weeks and months. You can find more background in our direction document.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel :sunny:: we already hired one person that will work full-time on self-hosted with @solomonope (he officially starts in August, but is already helping out in his free time) and are currently looking to add another engineer to the team. In case you know anybody that knows anybody feel free to forward Careers at Gitpod to people that could be interested.

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